Industry Insights

Bounce Back in 2021

Rebound your business in 2021 to be stronger than your pre-COVID self.

The Cost of Quality – A Statistical Approach

Using Data-Driven Methods to Justify Investment in Quality Management Technologies

Lean: Now or Never

Why Leaning out your company is more critical during a pandemic than ever before

COVID-19 Support Profile: Neopenda

Supporting the production of vital medical technologies for emerging markets

KickStage team to help judge Regeneron 2020 International Science Fair

Many qualified judges desperately needed – sign up today!

Smooth Offshoring Tips

How to mitigate risk when outsourcing to low-cost countries

Lean Transformations for Rapid Scalability

The most fast and effective way to scale your operation for growth

KickStage Consulting 2019 – A year in review

Our 2019 achievements and goals for 2020

KickStage Gets You Into Orbit!

Our mission and how we chose the name ‘KickStage’

The Criticality of Dual Sourcing in 2019

Why global trading risks have made supply chain diversification more critical than ever before

KickStage and Lift.Works at 2019 Miramar Airshow

September 27th – 29th – We’ll see you there!

KickStage Consulting at WESTEC 2019

September 24th – 26th in Long Beach, CA

Peaker Plants for Renewable Energy Support

KickStage supports gas turbine industry growth

Smart Manufacturing & IoT

You need it to compete, but what is it?

US Air Force Solicitation Support

Market Research Regarding the Domestic Industrial Capability for Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS)

Researching Successful Supply Chain Enablers for Canon

Identifying common sourcing pitfalls.

Are You Ready for Take-off?

Navigating and exploiting funding opportunities in the commercial drone sector.

Should it stay or should it go?

Optimizing your business’s insourcing and outsourcing decision-making

Exploiting IoT for Smarter Sourcing

How The ‘Internet of Things’ Can Revolutionize Your Supply Chain

Supply Chain Spotlight: Africa

Supply chain underdevelopment in Africa remains a major challenge for societal development and a large barrier to entry for international firms.

Aerospace in Southern California – Opportunities for Small Businesses

It’s an exciting time for the Aerospace Industry in Southern California

Recovering A350 Delivery Performance

KickStage provides fast-track delivery recovery services to Zodiac Aerospace

Pacific Design & Manufacturing Summit

KickStage at North America’s Largest Annual Advanced Design and Manufacturing Event.

KickStage Consulting Inc. proud sponsor of LUNAFEST 2017!

KickStage Consulting Inc. proud to be a Director Sponsor for the 2017 LUNAFEST Film Festival

Youth Employment Service

KickStage Consulting support Youth Employment Service in Orange County

Collette’s Children’s Home

KickStage Consulting funds transitional housing for homeless women and children in OC

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility in 2016

The concept of sustainability is closer to the forefront of both business and consumer’s minds in 2016 than it ever has been.

Space Tech Expo May 24-26 2016

KickStage Consulting Inc. to exhibit at SpaceTechExpo May 24-26 2016

Naval Surface Warfare Center 2016 Industry Expo!

KickStage Consulting Inc. to showcase at Naval Surface Warfare Center 2016 Industry Expo!


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