KickStage Consulting founders Angela and Zac both started their careers within large aerospace manufacturers. The impetus for starting their own business came from witnessing first-hand the changing nature of aerospace New Product Introduction (NPI) programs.

New products were being introduced faster and more frequently than ever before, and the resourcing of these programs was proving more and more problematic.

Companies needed adaptable and agile procurement and manufacturing resource skills that could be flexed and scaled rapidly to the tasks at hand. Traditional hiring was no longer the most effective and cost efficient way to support these programs, and thus the founders sought to create a consulting company that would help customers design world-class manufacturing and supply chain solutions in the most responsive and optimized way possible.
But how did the name ‘KickStage’ come about? Well, in considering different name options, Angela, originally an astrophysicist, and Zac, a major cosmology nerd, turned to the field of space exploration for inspiration.

The ‘Kick Stage’ of a rocket launch refers to the final stage of rocket boosters that push a spacecraft into its final orbiting velocity.

The name was cool and unique, and provides a good visual of what the KickStage Consulting team aims to do for all of our valued customers – boost them into orbit!

Exceeding Expectations

With proven results across a wide range of complex and modern technology projects, KickStage is your partner in realizing optimal quality and profit for your shareholders.

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