2019 has been a exciting and fast-paced year for the KickStage team! As for 2020, we have a series of firm goals that we look forward to realizing.

 We started the year at full speed supporting one of our largest customers to date in the industrial gas turbine industry. 

This multi-year project will grow the client into a major player in their market segment, allowing them to exploit the significant growth in renewable energies to which they operate alongside. We are excited for the coming year and for the mutual learning opportunities presented by this project and the excellent customer team that we get the privilege to work alongside.

We’ve also dived much deeper into the local San Diego business markets, joining several economic development councils and chambers including San Diego South Country EDC, San Diego Regional EDC and the Smart Border Coalition to learn directly from our local networks what their operational pain points are in order to guide our service development projects. Our VP Zac Cole had a great opportunity to speak to a team of professionals from Tijuana and San Diego about Lean practices and how they can be applied to our national border to aid bi-national business.

Our President, Angela Whiteside, also marked the mid-point of her Doctoral thesis research in November. She is actively researching the enablers of successful international outsourcing projects across cultural divides, and is enjoying deploying these new insights in real-time to help customers navigate supply chain challenges.

2019 also saw the team of our partnership startup, Lift.Works, secure their first launch customers and undertake system testing for the PowerBlock Model LW3 hybrid power unit system, adaptable to a wide portfolio of single-rotor, multi-rotor and fixed-wing UAV applications. The solution unlocks unparalleled range and application for industrial drones, and 2019 marked a major milestone for the team as they completed full system integration and were a featured exhibitionist at the 2019 Miramar Air Show. They enter 2020 ready for flight testing and wide-scale commercialization.

Finally, we have been fortunate to grow even further our strong and diverse team of consultants this last year – both geographically and skill-based. We have specifically strengthened our competencies in Agile Project Management, Quality Management Systems and the Chinese and Mexican aerospace supply chains. With this diversification, we seek to confidently pursue customers looking for support in these areas.

Reach out to us to share your 2020 goals and how we can support them!

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