KickStage Philosophy

The KickStage team believes in using a data-driven, holistic and multi-disciplinary approach in all aspects of technical project delivery.

Having spent a combined service of over 200 years in global high-tech and aerospace companies, they have experienced first hand the inefficiencies that can arise due to functions working in contained ‘silos’ whilst trying to bring a product from concept to production, and the general inertia that can be experienced when new product development runs alongside the ‘day-to-day’. Design teams all too often throw completed plans ‘over the wall’ for manufacturing and supply chain to realize with minimal to no integrative approach and collaboration. However, in today’s environment of rapid globalization, such an ineffective approach will no longer provide competitiveness and profit.

Agile Approach

The KickStage team offer an agile approach for quick, wide-field consultation and delivery on your technical project needs. With industry leading qualifications in Lean/Six Sigma and Agile Project Management (supplementing the Masters-level engineering and business degrees held by our consultants), we follow a clear and logical process in project delivery with an emphasis on customer communication and frequent feedback loops.

Passion for Service

KickStage founders Angela Whiteside and Zac Cole have a passion for service and have spent many years volunteering on engineering ventures overseas as leaders with the Engineers Without Borders organization. Managing infrastructure projects in the Third World has significantly strengthened their project management skills as they navigated institutional voids, foreign cultures and customs to bring successful outcomes to some of the world’s poorest communities.

Our Pledge

The KickStage team pledges to donate 10% of all business profits back towards the less privileged, both in their local base of Southern California and internationally. Check out our blog for frequent updates on the causes that we are supporting!



“You need a very product-oriented culture… Lots of companies have great engineers and smart people. …..there needs to be some gravitational force that pulls it all together.”

Steve Jobs

Exceeding Expectations

With proven results across a wide range of complex and modern technology projects, KickStage is your partner in realizing optimal quality and profit for your shareholders.

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