Five leaders of the KickStage Consulting team have just completed an intensive 7-month delivery recovery contract with Zodiac Aerospace lavatories, supporting Airbus’s 2016 A350 delivery targets.

Deployed across the US, Mexico and France at critical strategic suppliers, our senior consultants used data-driven problem solving methodologies and analytics to determine root cause of delivery short-falls and implement rapid improvement projects.

A wide array of root causes surfaced preventing on-time, on-quality deliveries of the aircraft lavatories, from material shortages and design flaws to MRP and planning immaturity. Our consultants drove fast-acting, systemic changes and put in place solid management frameworks to allow the Zodiac team to sustain these improvements in 2017 and beyond.

The team were recognized as a ‘Proud Partner with Airbus’ and look forward to further supporting the A350 supply chain in 2017.

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