Covid-19 Supply Chain Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to confront the fragility of the modern supply chain.

Manufacturers have struggled to pivot and respond quickly to supply disruptions due to a lack of flexibility in their supplier base. Flexibility is further hampered by a reliance on outdated, manual sourcing systems and paper-based management.

Diverse sourcing and digitization will be the key to building stronger, smarter supply chains and ensuring a lasting recovery, and KickStage can help.

With a diverse supplier identification network and over 150 years of combined experience leading global supply chains and technology implementations, our team can support you in this unique opportunity to reset systems that have relied on outdated processes and reconfigure your supply chains for a lasting recovery, agility and competitive advantage going forward.

Our offerings include:

  • Supply Chain Strategy Development
  • IoT implementation
  • MRP and Quality Management System Design
  • Outsourcing and Reshoring
  • Supplier Ramp-Up Program Design and Management
  • New Supplier Identification and Qualification

Exceeding Expectations

With proven results across a wide range of complex and modern technology projects, KickStage is your partner in realizing optimal quality and profit for your shareholders.

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